New Brunswick Asking Out-of-Province Drivers to Isolate

In its efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus, the province of New Brunswick has issued a renewed and revised mandatory order that goes into effect this evening at midnight. As it relates to trucking, specifically out-of-province trucking, New Brunswick is asking all drivers to isolate in their vehicles as much as possible. The order states:

“On each occasion a non-resident commercial truck driver operates within New Brunswick to either deliver or pick up goods or transverse to Nova Scotia, PEI, Maine, or Quebec, they must, while in New Brunswick, isolate as much as possible in their vehicle while satisfying the essentials of life such as fuel, food, washroom use, emergency health care, and must avoid all unnecessary contact with people and follow all guidelines of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.”

The order, signed by the Minister of Justice and Public Safety for the Province of New Brunswick, will be reviewed for compliance on an ongoing basis and the Minister reserves the right to make additional orders as required for the health and safety of New Brunswickers.

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association and the Canadian Trucking Alliance are encouraging all drivers to comply with this order to the best of their ability.

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