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Ontario’s economy moves on trucks, creating a dynamic and rewarding job market within the trucking industry. Whether you crave adventure on the open highway or thrive on the strategic challenges of logistics, the Ontario Trucking Association can help you find your path to success in this essential sector.

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On the open road there’s only one person in command. You. People, businesses, and the country, count on a job being done right. Trucking today is nothing like the trucking of then.


Tech Saavy

From advanced international logistics systems, vehicle systems coding and data analytics, to working on the most technologically advanced equipment in the market, there are many high tech opportunities in trucking — because trucking today is nothing like trucking before.

tech saavy


Job opportunities for trucking don’t have to be behind the wheel. There are positions open in health & safety, tech, marketing, logistics, human resources, management and much more.



With advanced mapping, GPS, and telematics ride management systems, trucking today requires advanced planning and logistics to get the goods people rely on from coast-to-coast on a schedule.


How the OTA is Supporting Careers in Trucking

OTA members provide diverse,welcoming, forward-thinking job opportunities within the trucking industry .Find your next career with an OTA member.

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