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  • AttriX Technologies | Geotab Partner

    AttriX Technologies | Geotab Partner

    AttriX is a leader in heavy trucking compliance, ELD and telematics. Powered by Geotab, AttriX adds full Canadian compliance and driver coaching layers to the most advanced and precise telematic solution in the world. Assure complete fleet compliance thanks to our ELD and Ontario DVIR features as well as support and training from our ELD, FMCSA and C-TPAT certified compliance team. In addition to compliance, Attrix's Driver Challenge will engage your drivers fleet-wide to improve their EcoDriving behaviour resulting in lower operating costs and better driver retention thanks to our recognition platform.

    • City: Oakville
    • Phone: (647) 689-3165

    Web: http://www.attrix.ca

  • Canadian Shipper Magazine

    Canadian Shipper Magazine

    Truck News/Truck West is the largest, most widely read, widely circulated publication in the Canadian trucking industry. It is by far, the preferred read of all trucking publications, bar none. Our audited request circulation figures attest to this fact. More people have requested to receive Truck News/West than any other trucking publication in the country. On average, we deliver two to three times more news and information than any other trucking publication in the country. No one offers more extensive coverage. More news, more features & more columns equals more value to our readers and advertisers.With a well balanced mix of trucking journalists with years of trucking experience and award-winning, hard-nosed investigative journalists, the editorial package we deliver is the most informative, insightful and honest that you'll find anywhere.

    • City: Toronto
    • Phone: (416) 510-6881
    • Fax: (416) 510-5143
    • Province: ON

    Web: https://www.canadianshipper.com

  • Enbridge Gas Inc.

    Enbridge Gas Inc.

    Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. (EGD) provides Natural Gas to its customers in a form that they can use. To this end, EGD provides solutions for the compression, storage and dispensing of natural gas as a vehicle fuel through the compression rental program. In addition to this EGD operates a fleet of over 15800 vehicles in Ontario, of which over 600 are Natural Gas Vehicles. EGD's has provided Natural Gas Vehicle solutions for over 25 years. EDG works directly with fleet managers to evaluate the business case for NG as clean, safe transportation fuel with substantive economic and environmental benefits for fleets that operate forklift, shunt trucks and on-road vehicles.

    • City: Chatham
    • Phone: 519-436-5217

    Web: http://www.uniongas.com

  • Freightliner Trucks

    Freightliner Trucks

    Freightliner Trucks is the largest division of Daimler Trucks North America and is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the trucking industry. Fleet managers and owner-operators alike associate Freightliner with efficient, dependable vehicles — business tools to be relied upon day in and day out under even the most punishing conditions.

    • City: Mississauga
    • Phone: (905) 812-6545
    • Fax: (905) 812-6507
    • Province: ON
  • GroupHealth Benefit Solutions

    GroupHealth Benefit Solutions

    GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions is the official supplier of Employee Benefits to the OTA. Our exclusive AdvantagePLUS is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Canadian trucking industry and offer a unique combination of value and price. AdvantagePLUS currently covers more than 250 trucking companies across Canada. Whether you have a single employee or a thousand, you can benefit from a GroupHEALTH plan!

    • City: Barrie
    • Phone: (705) 797-5122
    • Fax: (705) 719-3078
    • Province: ON
    • Toll Free: (877) 542-4110
  • Intact Insurance

    Intact Insurance


    • City: Toronto
    • Phone: (416) 223-9580,,,11330
    • Fax: (416) 223-6577
    • Province: ON
    • Toll Free: (800) 268-6617
  • ISAAC Instruments inc.

    ISAAC Instruments inc.

    ISAAC Instruments designs and manufactures technological solutions that help improve performance, productivity and compliance for truck fleets.

    • City: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarvialle
    • Phone: (450) 658-7520
    • Fax: (450) 658-3322
    • Province: Quebec

    Web: http://www.isaac.ca

  • Loadlink Technologies Corp.

    Loadlink Technologies Corp.

    • City: Mississauga
    • Phone: (905) 795-0580
    • Fax: (905) 795-0539
    • Province: ON
    • Toll Free: (800) 263-6149
  • Navistar Canada Inc.

    Navistar Canada Inc.

    Formed in 1902, International is a leading producer of medium trucks, heavy trucks, sever service vehicles. Our products, parts and services are sold through a network of nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries throughout the world.

    • City: Burlington
    • Phone: (905) 332-3323
    • Fax: (905) 332-2526

    Web: http://www.navistar.com

  • Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group

    Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group

    Publisher of Today's Trucking and Truck and Trailer Magazines

    • City: Etobicoke
    • Phone: (416) 459-2365
    • Fax: (416) 614-8861
    • Province: ON

    Web: http://www.newcom.ca

  • Old Republic Canada Partnering with Polaris Group Captive

    Old Republic Canada Partnering with Polaris Group Captive

    Property and Casualty Insurance, Risk Management Services and Commercial Trucking

    • City: Hamilton
    • Phone: (905) 523-5936
    • Fax: (905) 523-1471
    • Province: ON
  • Omnitracs Canada

    Omnitracs Canada

    Omnitracs, LLC is the source for private and for-hire fleets seeking fleet management solutions, including software applications, platforms and information services. Our intuitive technologies, including solutions for safety and compliance, driver retention, GPS fleet tracking, and fleet maintenance software, can help you solve common fleet problems and achieve your fleet management objectives. With thousands of trucking customers across the Americas, Omnitracs leads the way for fleet management solutions.

    • City: Winnipeg
    • Phone: (204) 227-3370
    • Province: MB
  • Truck World

    Truck World

    National Trade Show

    • City: Toronto
    • Phone: (416) 614-2200
    • Fax: (416) 614-5822
    • Province: ON
  • Volvo Trucks Canada

    Volvo Trucks Canada

    Volvo Trucks Canada is affiliated with Volvo Truck Corporation. Gothenburg, one of the leading heavy truck and engine manufacturers worldwide. We manufacturer a range of Class 8 Highway and Vocational products which offers leading edge innovation, safety and driver comfort while maintaining environment care as one of our core values.

    • City: Mississauga
    • Phone: (647) 408-8613
    • Fax: (289) 998-0030
    • Province: ON

    Web: http://www.volvotruckscanada.com

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