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Our LEAD Certificate Programs are designed to empower the next generation of leaders and future-proof the trucking industry. Whether you’re an emerging professional seeking leadership development or a seasoned leader ready to drive innovation, our programs will equip you with the tools to excel.

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The Next Generation Certificate Program TM

Take your leadership skills to the next level with the Next Generation Certificate Program. Now in its 10th successful year, this intensive three-part course is the premier communication and networking program for rising leaders in the trucking industry.  Developed with direct input from our members and delivered by the esteemed Humphrey Group, the Next Generation Certificate Program empowers you to communicate effectively, inspire action, and build strong relationships.

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OTA exec-ed

OTA-Schulich Exec Ed Leadership Certificate Program

This program is designed to drive innovation. Developed in partnership with the Schulich School of Business at York University, this exclusive four-day program is for graduates of the Next Generation Program. Building upon your leadership foundation, you’ll develop an innovation-focused mindset that allows you to create new value for your organization and customers.  It will equip you with the tools and strategies to implement cutting-edge products, equipment, and systems that move your company and the industry forward. To register, please contact otaevents@ontruck.org.

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Taking the Stage Women’s Empowerment and Mentorship Program

Designed to cultivate strong female leaders in the trucking industry. Facilitated by the renowned Humphrey Group.


Our industry is filled with experienced and insightful female mentors ready to guide you on your leadership journey. Benefit from their experience as they help you navigate career challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Leadership Identity

Discover your unique leadership style and unlock the power of authenticity. You'll gain the tools to understand your strengths, cultivate a compelling presence, and communicate with confidence and clarity.

Power of Presence

Taking the Stage offers a safe space to share your experiences, receive constructive feedback, and refine your communication skills. Learn to leverage your physical presence, voice, and expression for maximum impact.

Building Your Network

Expand your network and connect with women leaders within the trucking industry. Benefit from the support, guidance, and shared experiences offered by a dedicated group of accomplished mentors.

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