CTA Challenges Trucking Industry to Go Plaid

Leading up to Father’s Day, a time when the focus is already on men and families, the Canadian Trucking Alliance will be working with Prostate Cancer Canada on Wear Plaid for Dad – the increasingly popular campaign to raise awareness and funds to help protect men from prostate cancer.

One in eight men – dads, husbands, brothers, sons and grandfathers – will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Taking the campaign national, CTA hopes to surpass last year’s efforts by OTA (which was crowned the #1 Plaid For Dad’ fundraising workplace/organization in Canada last year) and keep the fundraising title within the trucking industry.

To make this a reality, this year CTA member carriers and the provincial associations are urged to funnel all donations through a single CTA fundraising portal on the Plaid for Dad website. Just click here to make a personal or corporate donation. Organizations that have already started their own donation page – no problem. If you’re a CTA member, your donations will be calculated under CTA’s total when the campaign wraps up on June 16. (See below for some ideas of how to raise money at your organization).

plaidfordad3Meanwhile, carriers are also encouraged to show their support by wrapping their tractors and trailers with Plaid for Dad graphics. CTA has two very cool design templates to choose from (check them out here). Carriers interested in taking part can request the artwork templates from CTA’s Marco Beghetto (Marco.Beghetto@cantruck.ca) and then work with their own custom graphics provider to get their trucks wrapped.

Carriers who plaid-clad their trucks are encouraged to share images and videos with CTA, via Twitter @Cantruck. Additionally, CTA will be inviting the public at large to take part in the fun. We’ll be holding a ‘Spot the Plaid-Clad Truck’ contest on Twitter, asking the public to tweet out pics and locations of Plaid For Dad trucks. Twitter submissions will be entered in a draw and a winner will be sent a prize.

Plaid For Dad Fundraising ideas:

  1. First and foremost, wear plaid! Raise awareness and encourage others to find out what the event is all about.
  2. Decorate.  Download posters and promotional material for the office or website banners here.
  3. Hold a BBQ, potluck or bake sale (Muffin Mondays, anyone?). Really put the plaid stamp on your event by getting custom Plaid For Dad grilling gear. Get them here soon. (This would make for an awesome raffle prize for employees who donate to the cause)
  4. Donate goods, books or sports/event tickets. Sell them at the office or have a staff raffle or auction for more exclusive items.
  5.  Collect glass, copper metal and turn it into cash to donate.

Don’t forget, once a CTA member finishes their fundraising, donate through the CTA portal to make every trucking dollar count and make our industry #1 in Canada once again.

Keep Calm and Plaid On!

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