World’s Largest Truck Convoy Draws $52K for Special Olympics


Ontario Truck drivers, including those who pilot trucks for OTA carrier members, helped raise $52,000 for Special Olympics Ontario during the World’s Largest Truck Convoy in Paris, Ont.

As reported by Truck News, a total of 72 trucks made their way to Paris, Ontario to join in on the 11th annual World’s Largest Truck Convoy in support of the Special Olympics Ontario. Truck drivers paired off with Special Olympics athletes and headed west on the 401 all to raise money for these athletes who need the funds for renting rinks, fields and spaces for activities, as well as to raise awareness to get more people involved in the program.

The convoy has raised almost $530,000 over the last decade the convoy has been running.

“The athletes and those that benefit from the proceeds look so forward to this event every year,” said Glenn MacDonell, president and CEO of Special Olympics Ontario. “There’s a lot of good, big hearted people in the trucking community who take a lot of pride in what they do. It’s just such a great, unique way for Special Olympics Ontario to raise funds and awareness about our organization.

This year the event raised approximately $52,000 and just the top three drivers alone brought in more than $10,000 for the cause.

Drivers who work for OTA member carriers also took part and made the top list of fundraisers.

Top 10 fundraisers for the 2015 World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Ontario were as follows:

  1. Donald Poll – Drumbo Transport – $4625.00
  2. Scott Verbruggen – J Verbruggen Trucking – $3000.00
  3. Melissa Mayer-Hall – Robsan Transportation – $2516.48
  4. Brian Hilton – MacKinnon Transport – $2460.00
  5. Tom Griggiths – Home Hardware – $2167.30
  6. Jim Prang – Grober Group – $1555.25
  7. Kent Dowling – AMJ Campbell – $1480.00
  8. Kevin Mushie – Claire’s Delivery Service – $1030.00
  9. Raymond Kuepfer – Home Hardware – $855.00
  10. Brent Kuepfer – Home Hardware – $755.00

Read the full report from Truck News here.

(Photo credit: Truck News)

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