Wide Load Toll Lane at Blue Water Bridge Closed


OTA has been informed a truck has accidently damaged the wide-load toll booth at the Blue Water Bridge, closing down the southbound lane (lane 2) indefinitely at the Sarnia-Port Huron border. Only four lanes are operational.

As a result of the damage, staff will not be able to manually operate the booth until the New Year. Officials told OTA they were still considering options to automate the wide toll booth lane to accept bridge cards, credit, or debit cards. However, a resolution was still not imminent as of Friday evening (Dec. 16).

In the meantime, the bridge is asking carriers of loads wider than 14 ft to inform officials prior to arrival at the border. They can call 519-337-8721. These trucks will have to stop near the bridge office and arrange payment; and then be directed through lane 1.

Additionally, because of the reduced lane capacity, the new FAST lane has been converted into a general commercial traffic lane and is not accepting FAST trucks until further notice.

Until the situation is resolved, there could be some traffic delays at the border depending on volume.

OTA will update members as new details are reported.

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