T4C Looking For Carriers to take Part in Project FoodChain


Trucks 4 Change is reaching out to carriers specifically operating in the GTA, Guelph area  about Project FoodChain, which was initiated by three community-minded individuals.

This is not a registered charity; however, they have links to a charity that can issue charitable receipts. Essentially, they have been successful in collecting corporate donations, including from Nestle Water, and distributing to locations in Toronto that can assist homeless people. With the pandemic and business closures, accessing essentials (like water) has been challenging. Project FoodChain has been able to secure a local carrier (Atripco) to distribute water donated by Nestle. To clarify: this group does not have any budget dollars at all, so would be looking for services on a pro-bono basis. (Please see below to see how Project FoodChain recognizes its partners).

Project FoodChain has reached out to us again looking for carriers to move bottled water from Guelph to warehouse locations in the GTA (either Co-Pak Co-Packaging in Etobicoke, or Global Distribution and Warehousing Logistics in Mississauga), and then on to Atripco Delivery in Toronto (Atripco will distribute cases of water to churches, shelters and other locations in Toronto that assist homeless individuals). This is an 8-week initiative (15 pallets/week), so it would be good to share this amongst multiple carriers if there is enough interest. Details are as follows:

  • Pick-up: 15 pallets per week from Guelph starting next week  (if locked down in time) for 8 weeks ending week of July 26th. – Currently Nestle has pick-ups scheduled for Tuesdays.
  • Deliver: 5 pallets to either Co-Pac or Global Distribution (not sure yet which one it will be).
  • Deliver: 10 pallets to Atripco in Toronto.

All Trucks for Change delivery partners will be recognized as follows:

  • All donations can receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of their services (following CRA rules)
  • They will receive a framed certificate of participation at the end of our campaign
  • Their logo will appear on the Project FoodChain website and will be recognized in social media platforms and many other partner charities (redistribution partners)
  • They will participate in at least one press release during the campaign

If this is something carriers  may be able to help with, please contact Betsy Sharples at betsy@trucksforchange.org

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