Survey: Fleets Should Adopt Same-Gender Driver Training Policies


An industry survey conducted by the Women In Trucking Association suggests fleets should adopt same-gender training policies.

Of those drivers that completed the survey about 66% of the drivers identified as female, 32% as male, and nearly 2% as non-binary.

There are a number of corporate policy recommendations on same-gender training that WIT recommends:

  • Adopt a same-gender training policy that enables female professional drivers to have the option for a same-gender trainer when involved in on-the-road training activities.
  • When having a same-gender trainer isn’t an option in instances involving female drivers, develop alternatives to help reduce or eliminate issues, such as ensuring that when sleeping arrangements need to be made that one of the parties has the ability to have a paid hotel room available to avoid the need to sleep together in the same cab.
  • Encourage driving teams where partners who are friends, spouses, or in a committed relationship alternate their time behind the wheel on the same route.
  • Upgrade in-cab safety technology where trucks are equipped with sound-enabled in-cab cameras and panic/emergency buttons in the sleeper and cabin areas.
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