Used Class 8 Retail Price Sets Record: ACT

The average retail price for a used Class 8 vehicle in December forged ahead to another monthly record as it cleared US$82,000 – 66% higher compared with a year earlier, ACT Research reported.

The price hit a $82,352 in the last month of 2021 compared with $49,634 a year earlier — and increased from $80,926 in November, the previous record, according to ACT.

Estimated vehicles sold in December reached 22,800 compared with 21,500 in the 2020 period and 21,700 in November.

“Clearly, with the volume number’s uptick, the demand is there,” ACT Vice President Steve Tam said. “It has just been kind of held at bay by a lack of salable units.”

Year-to-date used truck sales rose to 265,000 compared with 250,000 a year earlier, he said.

ACT reported the average miles rose to 430,000 compared with 414,00 in the 2020 period.

The average age was 6 years, 8 months compared with 6 years, 2 months a year earlier.

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