Smart Trailer Tech Poised for Advancement: TMC Report

New technologies have transformed truck efficiency over the past decades, and now it’s the trailer’s turn to catch up, reports Truck News.

“Trailers are poised to advance in the next 20 years the way tractors have advanced in the last 30 years,” said Technology & Maintenance Council executive director, Robert Braswell. “Understanding the market needs and the available technologies will help the industry advance so fleets can achieve goals for safety, maintainability and readiness.”

TMC has issued an 88-page report on the use and adoption of intelligent trailer products, and on June 30 hosted a webinar to discuss key findings. The study was done by eSmartt, which surveyed 12 of the top 15 trailer rental and leasing firms in North America, which control about 10% of all trailers.

“They let us look under the hood of their operations,” said Charlie Willmott, CEO of WillGo Transportation Consulting, an eSmartt partner.

Intelligent trailer products represent an enormous market. Willmott said there are between 4 and 6 million trailers in North America, about 2.5 for every tractor. With growing e-commerce sales, trailer utilization is “astronomically high,” he added, with new trailer orders pushing backlogs out through mid-2022.

Smart trailer technologies have the potential to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, improve safety, and optimize asset utilization, Willmott said. End users will get a better ROI on their trailer investments and may be able to reduce their trailer-to-truck ratio.

“No longer will the trailer be regarded as a dumb, throwaway item,” he added. “They will be full partners in moving those packages to their final destination.”

Paul Menig, CEO, Business Accelerants, the other half of eSmartt, shared four key takeaways from the study.

Read the full Truck News story here.

Order the full 88-page tMC report  here.

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