U.S. Fuel Retailers, Truck Stops Oppose Electric Charging Bill


Three organizations representing about 90% of U.S. fuel retail sales are opposing INVEST in America Act provisions that would allow electric vehicle charging stations at rest areas.

“NATSO is disappointed that we must reject a federal highway bill for the second time because it contains the same harmful provisions that will discourage the private sector from making investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Lisa Mullings, CEO of NATSO, which represents truck stop and travel plaza operators.

“NATSO wants to work with lawmakers to expand the market’s transition to alternative fuels, including EV charging. With a few key improvements to these provisions, NATSO and the entire retail fuel industry would otherwise be able to support this important legislation.”

The organizations claim allowing electric vehicle charging at interstate rest areas will discourage investment in such infrastructure at privately owned truck stops and travel plazas.

“The existing nationwide network of fuel retailing locations represents the best opportunity to quickly and efficiently bring charging options to market,” added David Fialkov, NATSO’s executive vice-president of government affairs.

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