Registration for OTA Next Generation Certificate Program is Now Open!


All the buzz you’re hearing is true: The OTA Next Generation Certificate program is an absolute hit. And now, by popular demand, it’s back and better than ever!

The Next Generation Certificate program kicks off once again in February 2015. Delivered by the highly esteemed Humphrey Group, the program is designed as an intensive leadership development initiative for the trucking industry’s future leaders. The main objective of the four-part certificate program is to strengthen a future leader’s ability to communicate effectively and inspire action in others they work with – from drivers, to customers, to executive teams.

See what previous NextGen program graduates have to say about their experiences:

Are you a company employer with an up-and-coming manager ready to take the next step?  Don’t miss Tandet’s Ryan Tilley’s appeal for company CEOs to get employees involved in the program. It generated quite a buzz at OTA’s convention. So, don’t wait! Send us your best NextGen candidates. As Tilley promises, it’ll be an investment company owners won’t soon forget:

“If you do not make an investment in your future – you cannot expect to see an increased return,” he says. “I can guarantee that acceptance of the status quo will eventually lead to stagnation within your business. And I can guarantee that a failure to recognize and acknowledge your future leaders within your organization will open the door for them to seek opportunities elsewhere.”

For more information about the program please see the attached 2015 NextGen brochure here: NextGen-eBrochure_public. To sign up, simply fill out this registration form 2015 Next Generation Registration Form_public and send back to

Register early to reserve your spot – the training is provided in small groups, so space is limited!

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