OTA & CTA Expand Social Media Presence

Social media is imperative in this day and age for any business and organization as a way to connect, grow networks and amplify branding and value by sharing your ‘story’ with others. The Ontario Trucking Association and Canadian Trucking Alliance have expanded their social media footprint by adding Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

We encourage members and others to like, comment and follow our accounts to help spread the news about the trucking industry, our events and community and much more. Be featured on our Instagram stories, or on our LinkedIn account, so we can help others connect with your business as well.

  • Instagram:Our Instagram handles are ota_ontruck and cta_ontruck
  • LinkedIn:We have updated our LinkedIn accounts for both OTA and CTA. And join in on our discussion group OnTruck Talk.
  • Twitter:If you’re not yet one of the 10k followers OTA and CTA have on Twitter, follow both our accounts at @ontruck and @cantruck

Our social media accounts are run by our Communications Assistant, Erica Giansante. If you have any comments, feedback or would like to provide us with photos or stories to share, feel free to contact erica.giansante@ontruck.org

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