Ontario Continues to Reopen DriveTest Centres


The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) announced today that beginning on Tuesday August 4, 2020 additional DriveTest Centres will be opened as part of the second phase of its reopening plan, which includes locations offering commercial driver road tests.

Specifically, the following services will be available at DriveTest centres:

  • Class G2 road tests
  • Class M2 and class M motorcycle road tests
  • Commercial driver road tests availability will expand to 42 DriveTest locations across Ontario
  • Part-time Travel Point locations will resume driver examination services as the shared facilities they are located in become available for the public’s use.

All driver licensing services offered as part of phase 1 of DriveTest’s reopening, including knowledge tests and driver’s licence exchanges and upgrades, will continue to be available on a first-come, first served basis. MTO has implemented protocols to reduce crowding and support physical distancing and most DriveTest centres will continue to serve customers based on the date of the customer’s birth. Please click here for the schedule.

In the release the Minister has emphasized that:

“We have temporarily extended the expiration date of all driver’s licences, so we would ask that everyone hold off on visiting a DriveTest centre unless absolutely necessary,” said Minister Mulroney. “For those going to a centre please exercise caution and follow all of the public health guidelines.”

OTA is reminding industry that there is no need for drivers to fear their licenses expiring and rush to renew credentials as MTO has extended the validity of all driver licenses until further notice so drivers can schedule renewal appointments at their convenience.

It is also important to note that all jurisdictions in Canada and the United States will continue to recognize any driver or vehicle credentials issued by the Province of Ontario until everyone can successfully and realistically complete renewals.


For complete details on MTO’s announcement today, click here.


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