City of Hamilton Seeking Feedback on Truck Route Review


The City of Hamilton is currently seeking route-specific feedback as part of its comprehensive Truck Route Review. The City states that constructive and detailed feedback will help them better understand the needs, issues, challenges and opportunities of stakeholders within the existing truck route network.

If you are a user of Hamilton’s truck route network, OTA strongly encourages you to provide your input into the Review.

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Use the map tool to identify all of the routes that are important to you, or where you see need for improvement. 

2. Fill out the City’s survey (second tab).

3. Request a one-on-one call with the City study team, or summarize your comments in an email to (deadline for requesting a call is August 6).

Your full participation in this process is encouraged, to ensure that essential goods movement routes are maintained and improved to be safe for all users.

OTA will continue to update members as the truck route process continues over the next several months.

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