Media Continues to Focus on Canadian Driver Shortage

With supply chain disruptions affecting goods movement and store supplies all over the world, the Canadian mainstream media continues to highlight the worsening driver shortage in this country.

This week, CTA received several media calls to discuss the driver shortage.

“This is a national issue and potentially becoming a national crisis,” CTA president Stephen Laskowski, told Global National.

Laskowski spoke about the need for government to make more traning dollars available to the trucking industry, which to date has limited access to training funding programs. “Let’s work together to get more access for young Canadians or Canadians period who want to enter the trucking industry to help them pay for their licensing.”

A decline in drivers could lead to a disruption in the country’s supply chain which means it’ll be felt everywhere – from gas pumps to grocery and big box stores, explained David Soberman, professor of marketing at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and the Canadian National Chair of Strategic Marketing.

“If there are not enough trucks to deliver the goods that people want to buy, you’re going to find empty shelves and you’re going to find things stocked out,” he said.

The story was picked up by several local publications and news radio stations across the country.

Full story here.

The CBC also conducted several interview this week on the issue, with a special airing Nov. 28 at 11 am on CBC Radio One

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