Govt of Canada, Peace Bridge & CBP Announce State-of-the-Art US Pre-Arrival Facility

Vance Badawey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez announced today a $5million investment from the National Trade Corridors Fund at the Peace Bridge to implement “Pre-Arrival Readiness Evaluation 3.0”. This project (worth a total of $33M) will speed up the process for the over 1.1 million trucks that cross the bridge into the US each year.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance & Ontario Trucking Association have been aware for years of the Peace Bridge Authority’s innovative plans to provide a pre-arrival facility in Canada for commercial entry to the U.S.

The Peace Bridge plays a critical role in the success of the supply chains that rely on cross-border truck transportation and has been a proving ground for the introduction of state-of-the-art technology that assists in the processing of trucks and drivers crossing the northern border. About 3000 trucks will cross the Peace Bridge back and forth today.

“We are pleased to see the continuation of the strong partnership between all the agencies on both sides of the border as well as the Peace Bridge Authority and their dedication to support the trucking industry and the supply chains,” said Geoff Wood, Sr VP, Policy, of CTA and OTA. “The new pre-arrival facility is designed to reduce border wait times for our member companies and their truck drivers while facilitating Canadian exports and cross-border goods movement to the benefit of our customers.”

This project is critical because it allows goods to move more efficiently, reduces the amount of time truck drivers spend waiting at the border, and therefore reduces the amount of fuel being wasted idling, while lowering diesel emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases.

“We have strongly supported this project from the outset and are pleased to see it progressing with an operational ETA of the end of 2024. It is more important than ever this moves forward, given the supply chain challenges we continue to face.”

The partnership between the Government of Canada, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Peace Bridge Authority in delivering this project is a model for cross-border commerce that will benefit the trucking industry and the Canadian economy, added Wood.

CTA and OTA will continue to work in cooperation with the bridge authorities and all agencies on both sides of the border to facilitate trade and support the trucking industry.

For complete details of the Government of Canada’s announcement, click here.

*Image (left to right): Giorgio Fuda, CBP Public Affairs Liason, Geoff Wood, OTA/CTA, Vance Badawey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport & Tim Clutterbuck, Chairman, Peace Bridge Authority.

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