Call To Action: Send MPs a Holiday Message to Stop Driver Inc

As Ottawa MPs go on their winter holidays these next few weeks, it’s a good time for the responsible, compliant trucking community to remind legislators that the unscrupulous Driver Inc practice of tax and labour abuse never takes a break.

Before our MPs hit the holiday snooze button, we want to remind them that we’re thinking about them and how they need to make sure that putting an end to Driver Inc is their number one priority. We can only do this with your help.

CTA is issuing a (literal) call to action by asking carriers to use a new “patch-through calling” tool built into the Stop Tax and Labour Abuse campaign. The call-in tool is simple to use and with just a couple of clicks allows supporters to talk directly with elected officials on the issue of Driver Inc and to advocate for policy change.

By adding our voices as a complement to text and email-based messages that we’ve already been using, the campaign can take elevate a sense of urgency with decision makers.

You can access the tool directly, here: English: and French:

Also, linked here are step-by-step instruction memos in EN –CTA Mobilization-EN_public– which includes a script template to help you make your call and prompt you what to say. Just follow the screenshots outlining the three simple steps necessary to complete a successful phone call.

And once that’s done, feel free to send another email and encourage colleagues who haven’t done so yet to do the same. Our industry and members of the concerned public have already sent over 10,000 emails to decision makers, urging them to put an end to the indefensible Driver Inc practice that is undermining the integrity of our great industry.

Let’s keep it up! You can still access the auto e-mail feature here:


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