Enforcement of ELD Mandate Underway in Ontario

Since January 1st, enforcement officials in Ontario, led by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), have been enforcing the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate for federally and provincially regulated trucking operations.

MTO and their enforcement partners have the enforcement tools and authorities necessary to address non-compliance and charges are being laid across the province for drivers and carriers not in compliance. The focus on enforcement is to ensure all drivers and carriers operating in Ontario to which the mandate applies are following the rules and creating a level playing field.

Along with monetary fines, carrier profile points will also apply upon conviction.  MTO has also indicated that for non-compliance found for companies registered outside of Ontario the details of convictions will be shared with their home jurisdictions.  Click here (EN) (FR) for a detailed two-page pamphlet from MTO that has been in circulation since in mid- 2022, which outlines the basic requirements of the ELD mandate along with key information for drivers and carriers and their obligations under the new ELD regime.

The official source for third -arty certified ELDs can be found at Transport Canada’s website. To date, over 70 devices have been certified.

OTA will continue with its MTO monthly ELD webinar series over the course of the winter/spring of 2023 – click here to register for the next session being held February 8. The webinar, free of charge and open to all industry members, will provide monthly updates to MTO’s enforcement actions, including how inspections of ELDs are taking place and how drivers carriers can prepare themselves for interactions during inspections and traffic stops.

For additional information from MTO on ELDs,  click here.

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