Trucking Industry and Ont Govt Ready to Work Together on ELD Enforcement to Improve Highway Safety

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and its road safety enforcement partners on Jan. 1 will start enforcing the mandatory requirement to use third-party certified Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for recording compliance with truck driver hours of service.

The mandate will apply to all drivers and trucking fleets that operate in Ontario and are currently required to complete a paper logbook to demonstrate compliance with the hours-of-service regulations.

The introduction of the third-party certified ELD regime will not change the structure of the hours-of-service rules, but rather enhance compliance and accountability across the supply chain by helping to reduce driver fatigue and in turn improve highway safety.

“OTA would like to thank Minister Mulroney who has championed this regulatory requirement from day-one,” said OTA Chair James Steed. “As a carrier and experienced truck driver who has operated ELDs for years, I can say there’s no doubt that ELDs provide a wide range of benefits to truck drivers and carriers, while elevating highway safety for all motorists”

Heavy commercial trucks and truck drivers in Ontario have repeatedly been deemed the safest vehicles and operators on the road, according to MTO data.

“MTO’s sustained, multifaceted education and awareness campaign in the lead-up to the mandate has provided opportunity for all sector participants to become fully aware of the ELD requirements, which, when implemented, will maximize road safety for all Ontarians,” said Geoff Wood, OTA Senior VP Policy.

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