Embassy: Thank a Trucker for Stocked Shelves During COVID

Connect2Canada, Official publication of the Canadian Embassy in the US, published an article highlighting the contributions of Canadian cross-border truckers who are on the front-lines delivering essential products during the pandemic and carriers like Munden Ventures who have helped keep drivers fuelled and fed.  

“The next time you pass a semi-trailer on the interstate, notice the license plates. Chances are it’s a Canadian trucker delivering food products and toilet paper to your local grocery store or needed manufacturing inputs to a plant in your area (because the U.S. and Canada have always made things together).  Or maybe it’s a U.S. trucker headed north, since we share a heavily-travelled superhighway along the most highly-integrated supply chains in the world. Without truckers on the road, and especially during a pandemic, life would be a lot harder.

Together with front-line health care workers, professional drivers across the United States and Canada are everyday heroes who are delivering food, life-saving medical supplies (including ventilator parts), and other essential products during a global crisis. As the industry saying goes, “if you got it, a truck brought it.”

Full story here.

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