Drivers Favour Incentives & Percentage Over Miles

With so much new technology and data on drivers, some fleets are creating new payroll and incentive programs to reward their higher performers. And according to a poll by Stay Metrics, drivers are more likely to be satisfied with pay models based within their power of control than  pay by mile.

According to CCJ magazine, Stay Metrics finds that, for example, drivers are most satisfied with pay that is based on a percentage split of load revenue compared to by the mile (31% to 29%, respectively). They also tend to be more  satisfied with their dispatchers.

“This data is important as carriers look to identify pay packages that will increase satisfaction,” said Tim Hindes, president and chief executive of Stay Metrics.

Tim Judge, the director of research at Stay Metrics and a professor of management at Notre Dame, noted a high correlation between perceived input into one’s pay and pay satisfaction.

“Employees who feel they have input into how their pay is determined are much more likely to be satisfied with their pay, even controlling for the amount of pay they receive,” he said. “Thus, how someone is paid is as important as what they are paid. I think paying based on customer charge leads drivers to believe that their pay is fair because it shows an alignment between what the carrier gets and what they get.”


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