Don’t Have ELDs in Your Trucks? Leading ELD Suppliers Standing By To Help


There has been a lot of action behind the scenes to get the Canadian ELD regime ready for primetime. Earlier this month, Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau reminded the industry that Transport Canada is ready to implement the regulation on schedule in June 2021.

“The Canadian Trucking Alliance welcomes the news that Transport Canada is getting closer to opening up the certification process and sending a message to the industry and the supply chain that we are making progress and moving forward,” said CTA’s Senior VP, Policy Geoff Wood.

Once the ELD rule goes into effect in Canada in June of 2021 only devices certified and subsequently listed on Transport Canada’s website will be deemed compliant for use by federally regulated motor carriers and their drivers when operating in Canada regardless of domicile (this includes US-based carriers operating into Canada). With the flexibility of the performance based ELD technical standard in Canada a myriad of electronic hours-of-service (HOS) applications can be adapted and made compliant for fleets no matter their size as long as the vendor is committed to compliance and sustainable partnerships carriers and drivers.

“CTA recommends that carriers begin working now with ELD suppliers that are committed to the Canadian process. Carriers don’t need to wait until the last minute to address electronic HOS compliance,” said Wood. “They can begin working with suppliers now to activate software on existing systems or install hardware, which can be updated when the hours-of-service software applications are ELD certified. Training their staff to raise awareness with their shipping customers on the impact ELDs will have in the supply chain can begin now.”

A number of CTA Team Canada Elite members are leading suppliers of electronic hours of service technology in the Canadian and US market and have been actively engaged since day one directly with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and Transport Canada on the technical aspects of the regime. These companies are: AttriX Technologies, ISAAC Instruments, OmniTracs Canada and Trimble Transportation. CTA encourages the industry to visit our website to learn more about these companies that are proactively readying themselves and their clients for the new world of third-party certified ELDs. Additional ELD suppliers may also be active participants amongst the Provincial Trucking Associations within the Alliance.

“The carrier in this equation is the customer, so don’t be afraid to ask the vendors you work with currently in the electronic space or are looking to work with where they stand when it comes to getting up to speed with the Canadian ELD mandate,” says Wood. “The Transport Canada and CCMTA regulatory and technical standards processes have been open to all vendors since discussions started on ELDs several years ago, so there should be no surprises for vendors and hopefully the answers you get indicate they are on top of the situation and will work with you on compliant solutions for 2021; if not, the necessary direction for you is self-evident.”

ELD Supplier Messages to Industry:

“We are dedicated to helping Canadian fleets gain compliance ahead of next year’s deadline. This commitment isn’t limited to just supplying a compliant ELD platform, it is also about ensuring fleets understand the impact of the regulation on their drivers and operations.”

  • Glenn Williams, VP of product, Trimble Transportation

“As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure driver safety and operational efficiencies, Omnitracs is committed to helping fleets across North America navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and make a smooth transition to ELDs.  We are well prepared for a rigorous third-party certification, as our experts have spent many hours over the past several years working with various industry associations and government entities across the U.S. and Canada. We’re looking forward to partnering closely with you to achieve compliance with the Canadian process, and we are confident in our preparation efforts in order to have third-party certified ELD solutions ready for use by June 12, 2021.”

  • Greg Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer, Omnitracs

“ISAAC will be among the first third-party certified solutions to support carriers in their transition to ELDs. We spare no effort and actively keep ourselves informed on the progress of the rule’s implementation. Our devices are already set to be updated when the ELD software is certified. Carriers can make the change to ELDs today; we are ready to see them through to a smooth deployment. Our commitment is clear: providing a fully compliant solution and supporting motor carriers and their drivers with our team of experts”

  • Jacques DeLarochelliere, president, ISAAC
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