Deadline to Register for Next Gen and OTA-SEEC Program is April 3

Calling all young professionals in the trucking industry! School is almost back in session. Reserve your spot in OTA’s hit Next Generation program. Back for 2020, the OTA-SEEC Business Leaders program. But hurry! time is limited – the deadline to register is April 3.

The Next Generation Certificate program kicks-off for its seventh consecutive year in April. Register now to reserve your spot – the training is provided in small groups, so space is limited!

The Next Generation program is an intensive leadership development initiative for the industry’s future leaders, and delivered by the highly esteemed Humphrey Group. The objective of the four-part certificate program is to strengthen a new leader’s ability to inspire action in others – from drivers, to customers, to executive teams.

OTA members can take the next step up the leadership ladder by taking part in the OTA-SEEC Business Leaders program for 2020. Exclusive to Next Gen graduates, the program begins its fourth year in April. Next Gen grads can register now to see what all the buzz is about.

Participants in the OTA-SEEC program will work in small groups to complete an Action Learning Plan (ALP) group project, which focuses on hot topics within the trucking industry which will require participants to implement innovative thinking practices and solutions to these complex issues.

To get a better indication of what the OTA-SEEC program is all about, take a look at some of our group presentations from last year:

Team 1: How might we deliver what the customer wants before they know they want it?

Team 2: How do we automate company processes to enhance employee productivity?

Team 3: How might we exploit technology to enhance the customer experience? 

All participants in the OTA-SEEC Leaders Certificate program must be graduates of the Next Generation Certificate program to be able to register. A unique member ID will be emailed to all graduates of the Next Gen program to register for the OTA-SEEC program in 2020.

“Going into the seventh year of the Next Generation program and fourth for OTA-SEEC, it’s great to see registration numbers that continue to be strong, thanks to the ongoing support of the OTA Board and LEAD Committee members,” says Lak Shoan, Director of Policy and Industry Awareness Programs for OTA.

For more information on the OTA-SEEC or Next Generation program please see the brochure here – 2020LEAD_NextGen_OTA-SEEC_Brochure2_public – or you can contact for more details.

SPECIAL NOTE: Also, due to the COVID-19 crisis, both the Humphrey Group and Schulich School of Business have reached out to OTA and other partners to reassure them that they will be taking the necessary precautions to protect their staff and students from the virus. This will include the use of hand sanitizing stations, extra cleaning/disinfecting procedures, and other measures to ensure health and safety risks are minimized for all students.

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