CTA Welcomes Long Awaited ELD Mandate; Here’s What January Enforcement Looks Like

Truck drivers and commercial trucks – already safest vehicles on Canadian roadways – will soon become even safer in most provinces as the long-awaited introduction of the third-party ELD mandate comes into force on January 1.

The rule applies to all federally regulated carriers and provincially regulated carriers in some jurisdictions, that are already required to operate a logbook.

“CTA applauds those provinces that are set to begin enforcement on January 1. Electronic logbooks change nothing about the current hours of service rules, but simply make enforcement of the rules more robust. Compliance is coming for fleets and shippers who have been operating outside of the rules,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski.

CTA is encouraging the supply chain to review and consider the impact of hours of service compliance on routes and shipments.

The provincial trucking associations that form CTA have compiled a chart which explains what to expect in each jurisdiction as of January 1. Click here: What ELD Enforcement Will Look Like_public

“In addition to improving public safety, third-party certified ELDs will also provide more efficiencies for drivers and fleets versus paper logbooks. Everyone wins – the driver, carriers, and the motoring public. The only ones who will be negatively impacted by ELDs are fleets and operators who have been breaking  the law,” said Geoff Wood, CTA Senior VP, Policy.

For more information on specific provincial rules, please contact the relevant association directly.

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