Connecticut Highway Use Fee Comes into Effect on January 1, 2023


The State of Connecticut (CT) will be imposing a Highway Use Fee that will impact carriers operating on highways in CT as of January 1, 2023. Certain carriers will be required to register with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) to ensure they are compliant and have the required permit when the new rule comes into effect.

Some carriers that could be impacted by the new Use Fee may have already received a letter from DRS with further details. More information, including compliance details and the permit application process, is available on the DRS website here.

All eligible motor vehicles that must register for a Highway Use Fee Permit include those that have a gross weight of 26,000 lbs or more and carry a classification between Class 8 and Class 13, inclusive, under the Federal Highway Administration vehicle classification system.

The Highway Use Fee is calculated based on an eligible motor vehicle’s weight and the number of miles driven in CT. The per‑mile fee rate increases based on the carrier’s gross weight, ranging from (1) 2.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing 26,000-28,000 pounds (lbs.) to (2) 17.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing more than 80,000 lbs.

To register for the Highway Use Fee, a carrier must complete and submit an application electronically on DRS’ online portal myconneCT.

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