CTA, Insurers Confirm Independent Owner-Operator Plans Covered for US Medical Coverage

The Canadian Trucking Alliance stood up for independent trucking operators by directly engaging the insurance industry to ensure the owner-operator community is covered for medical benefits while operating in the U.S.

Today, members of Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) have made a second announcement, confirming that existing insurance plans for independent owner-operators’ out-of-country medical coverage will continue uninterrupted.

Specifically, measures announced today will allow insurers to take steps so that routine exclusion clauses tied to a Government of Canada “Avoid non-essential travel” advisory will not apply to those employed as commercial truckers.

As a solution, insurers will be asking those with individual coverage to identify themselves as a cross-border commercial trucker at time of claim. Those purchasing new policies will similarly be asked to identify their trade at time of purchase.

These changes will apply to all individual out-of-country travel insurance policies containing the specific exclusion for “avoid non-essential travel” federal travel advisories. Those holding policies with a pandemic exclusion should contact their insurance provider for additional details.

As the Canadian COVID-19 crisis began to escalate earlier this month, concerns emerged throughout the industry regarding health insurance coverage for truck drivers travelling in the US. CTA quickly engaged CHLIA, which announced within days that commercial truck drivers would not lose their group out-of-country medical coverage. However, there remained some questions about the status of owner-operators as insurers generally do not classify individual travel health policies by employment category.

CTA, its provincial association partners and the insurance industry have since been working to clarify the status of independent operators.

“CTA applauds CLHIA for working diligently with our members in closing the loop for owner-operators and bringing peace of mind to the nation’s drivers, regardless of whether they are company drivers or independent, who are all working hard picking up and delivering the vital supplies Canadians need to fight and resist COVID-19,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “Drivers now know their insurers are behind them every step of the way at a time their services are more critical than ever.”

CLHIA members represent the vast majority of Canada’s life and health insurance business. CTA recommends members contact kdorse@clhia.ca to ensure their provider is a member of CLHIA or contact their broker for clarification if their insurer is not a member of this association.

For the full CLHIA release click here


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