Restaurant Group, McDonalds Express to CTA Commitment to Serve Truckers

The outpouring of support and appreciation by various level of government, the general public and Canadian companies for the invaluable service truck drivers are performing during the COVID-19 crisis has been outstanding.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is highlighting the actions of Restaurants Canada (RC) and their members for helping to devise truck driver-friendly solutions at locations offering only drive thru service only in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“The CTA membership completely supports the need for RC members to implement policies to protect employees against contracting COVID-19. However, the drive thru-only policies are leaving truck drivers with very few, if any, options to eat since they cannot drive their tractor-trailers through these narrow driveways and most restaurant chains prohibit walk-up traffic to the order windows for safety reasons,” said CTA’s President Stephen Laskowski. “RC has been incredibly responsive to working with the trucking industry in trying to find solutions that protect the health and safety of their members’ workers while also providing the nation’s truck drivers access to warm meals from various locations.

McDonald’s Canada is the first major restaurant chain to act. Acknowledging our nation’s truck drivers are essential workers who are delivering vital items like food, emergency relief supplies and sanitation products Canadians desperately need right now, the company committed to curbside service for truck drivers who cannot access Drive-Thu lanes with their commercial vehicles.

Beginning March 26, the company will be able to provide truck drivers curbside service through the MyMcD’s App between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

McDonald’s asks truck drivers to follow these steps when ordering:

  • Use the My McD’s app (available free at Apple iTunes or Google Play Store) to place your order when you arrive at the restaurant.
  •  Select Curbside Service and park your vehicle in an area of the lot that allows for other vehicles to easily pass.
  • Complete your order by entering the curbside stall number 99 and we’ll safely bring your order to you as soon as it’s ready!

Click here for McDonald’s Canada’s full response to CTA on the truck driver policy: cD-COVID-19_Truck Association and First Responder Letter_public

“As the world continues to address the quickly changing landscape, we would like to thank the members of our community, especially your members, for tirelessly and bravely continuing to provide essential services to help keep us all safe and healthy,” said McDonald’s Canada.

CTA is encouraged by the response of the thus far is looks forward to similar announcements by other RC members in the coming days. Be sure to check out CTA’s COVID-19 news page for any updates.

“I can’t express our gratitude enough to RC companies like McDonald’s Canada, who immediately stepped up to the plate when presented with this concern from our truck drivers,” says Marco Beghetto, VP, Communications, CTA. “We appreciate the recognition that truck drivers across Canada are diligently serving Canadians during this crisis and just need safe places to rest and grab a bite before continuing with their important work.”




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