Call To Action: T4C-CTA Looking for Carrier Support for BC Flood Aid & Assistance

As people in BC continue to reel from last week’s floods and mudslides, Trucks For Change and the Canadian Trucking Alliance are reaching out to the trucking industry to assist in the rescue, support, and recovery for those affected by the disaster.

While those who were stranded are slowly being moved out of affected areas, there are many who lost their homes and possessions who continue to need food, supplies, and assistance.

The Canadian Red Cross is working tirelessly to provide emergency shelter, basic needs, and emotional support to survivors. To support the Red Cross’ emergency response efforts, those in need, as well as the rescue workers, Trucks For Change is coordinating a fundraising effort through a secure online donation portal for CTA members and the trucking industry.

Attention Trucking Leaders:

Whenever Canadians are in need, the trucking industry is always at the front of the line, ready to help. With thousands of Canadians in B.C. in dire need of assistance, CTA is calling on our leading members to step up.

When it comes to charitable acts, CTA’s Board commonly leads by example. Therefore, we are asking all board members and member companies to help us issue a call to action to the broader membership and industry via social media.

The task is simple:

Just film a short 30 second, ‘selfie’ video appealing to the industry for help. Like this example, mention things like:

  • Express sympathies with the people of B.C.;
  • How the trucking is a leader in helping Canadians during times of need;
  • Urge your fellow trucking industry compatriots to pitch-in and donate to the Red Cross through Trucks For Change. Point out how their support, just before Christmas, will make a huge difference in people’s lives during this desperate time;
  • If you have a driver of staff member who was trapped or directly affected by the disaster, ask them to also take a video to share their compelling story and ask them to urge the industry to donate.

Next Step:

Upload (or ask your staff) to upload your video to your social media platforms. Include this donation link in the message box. PLEASE BE SURE to tag @Cantruck on Twitter or @cta_cantruck on Instagram so we are made aware of the post and can re-share it.

If your post is on other social media platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, send a direct link to If you have any further questions, contact Marco at the aforementioned email.

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