Call to Action: Let Government Know How Driver Inc is Hurting the Trucking Industry

Last month, the Canadian Trucking Alliance announced its newest Stop Tax and Labour Abuse campaign – and we need you to help spread the word!

This new campaign exists to put pressure on the federal government to enforce the law against Driver Inc. – the growing tax and labour abuse scam plaguing the trucking industry.

WE are calling on OTA members and all compliant responsible carriers to join the fight. Please go to to send a message directly to your MP and encourage all staff and drivers to do the same.

Also, Click here to download social media banners and messages in EN and FR to please share online.

“We want the Federal Government to understand that we are invested in this fight to defend our industry,” says OTA President Stephen Laskowski. “Why? It’s simple. Driver Inc. is problematic because it is illegal, it is a driver misclassification model which results in truck drivers incorporating–often under pressure from the carrier–despite having an employee-employer relationship with their carrier. As a result, truck drivers are being unfairly deprived of the rights and benefits that all employees are entitled to in Canada.”

Make sure your voice is heard by visiting

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