Free webinar for personal services businesses providing services to other entities

If you have incorporated your business, you may be considered a personal services business (PSB) by the CRA. As a PSB, understanding your filing obligations, eligible expenses, and deadlines is your responsibility.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is committed to ensuring that individuals who provide services as a corporation have the information and tools they need to better understand and meet their tax obligations. To this end, we are hosting a free webinar to help you determine whether you meet the definition of a personal services business, and what that means in terms of tax obligations.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Employer/employee relationship
  • Definition of personal services business
  • Personal services business has different tax deductions, rates and eligible expenses
  • Filing obligations and deadlines
  • Filing Requirements
  • The Personal Services Business Pilot
  • Correcting tax returns

Register for the webinar

You should register for this webinar if you’re:

  • Registered as a corporation and you’re the only shareholder and employee of your corporation
  • Doing work for one other corporation that would normally be done by an employee
  • A worker who is considering incorporating for work

This webinar is on Wednesday October 25, 2023, at the following times:

 Newfoundland Daylight TimeAtlantic Daylight TimeEastern Daylight TimeCentral Daylight TimeMountain Daylight TimePacific Daylight Time

Register now


Register now


Questions may be submitted from time of registration until the end of the webinar. While the webinar is live, our goal is to answer as many questions as possible.

Need more information?

The CRA has a number of resources available to help personal services businesses understand their tax obligations. For more information, visit withholding and reporting requirements (

You can also watch previous recorded webinars for businesses in our businesses video gallery on

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