Blue Water Bridge Introducing Local Traffic Pilot Project


On September 14, 2017, the Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) will begin a pilot project to determine the feasibility of dedicating Toll Lane 1, to local traffic only at the Blue Water Bridge (BWB), Point Edward.

The BWB has indicated that these changes will not impact truck traffic flows, but will change the lanes that trucks are directed to, indicated on variable message signs at the toll plaza. The BWB will continue to monitor traffic flows and make adjustments as they are needed. FAST lane access will continue to be offered as traffic flows allow, in accordance with standard operating practices at the bridge.

The project, ending in January 2018, is intended to enhance traffic flows at the entrance to the BWB by eliminating the need for multi-lane crossings. The objective of the trial period is to evaluate an alternate approach that would keep vehicles entering Highway 402, between Indian Road and Front Street, in Lane 1 through to the toll facility

The BWB indicated they are committed to working with stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of this pilot project aimed at increasing traffic fluidity and safety for all users at the bridge.

Additional questions or comments on the pilot project can be directed to otacustoms@

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