MTO to Phase in Knowledge/Vision Tests for Class D Renewals; Adds Cyclical Med Reporting July 1, 2018


As previously reported, OTA was made aware by MTO in mid-summer they will be moving forward with planned changes to renewals and medical reporting for Class D licenses effective July 1, 2018.

It is expected that formal notice in the form of a letter to each registered Class D licence holder will be sent in mid-September 2017 notifying drivers of the upcoming changes.

Back in October 2016, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) proposed to revise licensing requirements related to knowledge/vision tests and medical reporting requirements  for Class D licence holders to bring them in line with other commercial licence classes.

OTA supported the Ministry’s proposal with the following comments posted to the regulatory registry:

The Ontario Trucking Associations (OTA) position on the issue is that Class-D licence holders should be brought into line with the cyclical medical requirements that exist for Class-A licence holders, but in doing so, recommends that:  The  changes  are  properly  communicated  to  the  public  and  to  the  affected  drivers; A practical implementation plan is developed that is manageable both by industry and by MTO;  MTO work to accelerate its review timelines  (currently  at  30  days)  of  medical  reports;  and,  MTO  continue  to  provide priority  medical  review  for  all commercial drivers”.

The changes are as follows:

Licence Renewal Requirements

  • All class D licence holders up to age 80 will now be subject to a class D knowledge test and vision test every five (5) years at time of licence renewal. Class D licence holders over the age of 80 will remain subject to an annual knowledge and vision test.

The tests can be completed at any DriveTest Centre. Questions contained on the knowledge test are based on information found in the Official MTO Truck Handbook which is available online by clicking here and at various retailers, including DriveTest and ServiceOntario locations.  Please visit for information regarding DriveTest hours, locations and knowledge test fees; there is no fee for the vision test.  Drivers with air brake endorsements (Z) would also take the written airbrake test at the same time.

As per MTO’s road test requirements for drivers 65 to 79 years of age, only those drivers with 3 demerit points or an at-fault collision on their driving record would be required to take a road test if the demerit point or at-fault thresholds were exceeded.  For complete details click here

Medical Requirements

  • Class D licence holders under the age of 46 will be required to submit a medical report every 5 years;
  • Class D licence holders between the ages of 46-64 will be required to submit a medical report every 3 years;
  • Class D licence holders 65 and older will be required to submit an annual medical report.

At some point during the five-year phase in period starting after July 1, 2018, a medical report form will be mailed to drivers with an indicated due date for when the medical form is to be completed by a physician or nurse practitioner and submitted to a DriveTest location.  Medical report forms are mailed to the drivers address on file with MTO 90 days in advance of the medical due date. Class D licence holders who operate into the United States and who were required to come into compliance in 2016 with medical reporting requirements will continue to submit their medical reports. For more information on MTO’s medical review program for commercial drivers, please click here. This webpage will be updated shortly with information specific to the new Class D requirements.

In keeping with OTA’s asks during the consultation period, MTO will be sending a general communication by unregistered mail to each class D driver formally notifying them of the upcoming changes. It is expected these letters will be sent toward the middle of September 2017 to provide advanced notice of the changes.

In addition, more information on the new requirements will also be contained in each licence renewal notice sent to drivers. Driver licence renewals coincide with the driver’s birthday every five years.  Renewal notices are sent by unregistered mail to the address on file for the driver with the MTO 60 days prior to the expiry of the licence.  At some point over a five-year period after July 1, 2018, Class D licence holders will be required to submit a medical report.

OTA members with questions can contact operations&

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