Women With Drive Share Keys to Success in Trucking

Trucking HR Canada’s Women with Drive tour continued last week with a visit to TransCore Link Logistics’ Mississauga headquarters, where about 130 guests gathered to hear from three inspiring women in the trucking industry.

The Mississauga stop marked the five of six regional events held this year.

As reported by Truck News a featured panel discussion included Tracy Clayson, director of client development with In Transit Personnel; Stephanie Carruth, research and development with ONE For Freight; and Claudia Milicevic, general manager, TransCore.

Asked about the key to achieving success in business as a woman, Milicevic urged those in attendance to network and attend industry events. This was initially difficult for her, as she says she’s an introvert.

Eventually, Milicevic developed the courage to participate more in those organizations, culminating in her becoming just the second female president of the Toronto Transportation Club. The networking paid off as she developed business relationships and found mentors in the industry. She said she was driven by a fear of failure.

“No one is going to open that door for you,” agreed Clayson.

For Carruth, coming from an extensive academic background, joining private industry was an eye-opener. She quickly learned she had to earn her acceptance.

“Moving into private industry, I think I walked in expecting I did all this work in academia and I expected to get respect immediately. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. I was starting fresh. Nobody had any business understanding what I was capable of and I had to prove myself all over again,” Carruth said.

This meant admitting she didn’t have all the answers and developing the courage to seek out the answers when needed. To help with her professional growth, Carruth has been active with the Ontario Trucking Association and its programs for young leaders.

Mentorship is also key to success. “I have collected mentors,” said Clayson, who now consciously gives back that knowledge she has collected, by mentoring others.

Full Truck News story here.

(Photo: Truck News)

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