Women with Drive Hits the Road

Trucking HR Canada is pleased to announce new Women with Drive networking events taking place in cities across the country this Fall.

Building on the success of the Women with Drive Leadership Summit, and Western Women with Drive we are expanding to increase opportunities for women in trucking and logistics to network and learn together.

The Women with Drive Hits the Road will offer casual, after-work networking opportunities hosted by partners across the country. Just as we do at our annual Leadership Summit – we will showcase women industry leaders who will share insights of interest to anyone in the industry looking to support and increase women’s contributions to trucking and logistics.

The events are scheduled as follows:

• October 10th, St-Bruno, QC, hosted by Isaac Instruments

• October 24th, Regina, SK, hosted by the Saskatchewan Trucking Association

• November 13th, Winnipeg, MB, hosted by Manitoba Trucking Association

• November 14th, Surrey, BC, hosted by GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions, and the British Columbia Trucking Association,

• November 26th, Toronto, ON, hosted by Transcore Link Logistics, and the Ontario Trucking Association

• December 3rd, Ottawa, ON, hosted by the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Trucking HR Canada

“Getting more women into trucking and logistics remains an important business issue for fleets across the country” Says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada, “Along with our partners, we will continue to showcase the great contributions women are making and raise awareness on the numerous career opportunities available”

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