UPDATE: OTA Update on Border Blockades

The Ontario Trucking Association continues to work with all levels of government on addressing the border blockade as soon as possible. Below is the latest report regarding the impact of the blockade on the flow of cross-border traffic and border operations at various ports of entry:

Ambassador Bridge, Windsor

  • OTA can confirm reports that the Ambassador Bridge is now temporarily closed for entry into the U.S. as of late last night and remains closed for entry into Canada. Windsor Police and the OPP continues to assist bridge officials with protestors and are monitoring the situation at the port of entry.

Blue Water Bridge, Sarnia

  • Traffic in both directions remains unimpeded at the Blue Water Bridge (BWB), with staffing at maximum capacity to facilitate processing as quickly as possible. OTA and BWB officials are actively working with CBSA to look at potentially opening bus and passenger lanes to increase processing times and throughput, which continues to see delays due to increased truck volumes being diverted to the bridge. There are currently no reports of protests arising in the Sarnia area.

Peace Bridge, Fort Erie

  • Truck traffic continues to flow normally across the Peace Bridge, with increased volumes and crossing times being seen due to traffic being diverted from the Ambassador Bridge closure. CBSA and CBP are continuing to work with bridge officials to ensure traffic continues to move as seamlessly as possible. There are no reports of any potential issues occurring at the port of entry, and OPP continues to monitor the situation.
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