Truckers Applaud Morriston Bypass Announcement


The Ontario Trucking Association is celebrating today’s announcement by the province of Ontario to proceed with the construction of the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass between Freelton and Guelph – a project that will boost traffic and pedestrian safety while advancing the flow of goods in a vital economic corridor.

The announcement to fund the long-awaited bypass project was made today by Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca. Construction could start as early as 2020.

morriston-bypass“The creation of  the Morriston Bypass will bring an end to the traffic congestion that has gripped transportation providers travelling through this area,” says David Bradley, president of the OTA. “We believe that once it is built, the bypass will be a huge economic benefit to businesses and transporters in the region while also improving safety and quality of life for both drivers and the residents of Morriston. Minister Del Duca should be applauded for championing this important infrastructure investment.”

This project includes a new five kilometre route that bypasses the community of Morriston and provides an improved connection to Hwy. 401 and the Hanlon Expressway in Guelph. Highway 401 will be widened from six to 10 lanes and include future High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. The project will also include construction of three new interchanges with improvements made to Hwy 401 and existing Hwy 6 interchanges, 11 new structures and construction of a local connection road.

Currently, traffic heading to and from Hwy. 401 is forced into a two-lane bottleneck through the village of Morriston, leading to congestion, traffic delays and an increased risk of accidents.

Highway 6 is considered a key economic corridor, connecting Hwy. 401 to the Hamilton/Niagara region. About 25,000 vehicles a day –  nearly 2,800 of which are commercial trucks – pass through Morriston. According to the Morriston Bypass Coalition, the annual value of commuter and commercial time saved during peak periods could be valued at more than $30 million with the bypass.

OTA and the Coalition look forward to working closely with the Provincial and local governments throughout the design and construction process.

OTA is a member of the Morriston Bypass and Economic Development Coalition, which for years has advocated for the creation of the bypass route. The Coalition is comprised of commercial enterprises, industry associations and municipal governments. OTA would like to thank all the members of the coalition for their tireless commitment to this project.

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