Transport Canada Survey on Heavy Duty Vehicle Retrofits in Canada


Transport Canada has reached out to CTA for its feedback and assistance in distributing a survey aimed at collecting data on heavy duty vehicle (HDV) retrofits in Canada to support the work of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Task Force on Heavy Duty Vehicle Retrofits.

The Pan‐Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (PCF), announced in December 2016, outlined a commitment to explore options for retrofitting HDVs with fuel-saving devices/technologies. The Task Force was created to bring together representatives of federal, provincial and territorial departments to support this PCF commitment.

The Task Force aims to develop a report to describe the existing landscape of HDVs and retrofits in Canada. As per the Task Force Work Plan, the report will address questions around barriers to adoption of fuel saving technologies; challenges in retrofitting and estimating performance; and other policies that affect decisions on the adoption of aftermarket fuel saving technologies.

The Transport Canada questionnaire that will form the basis of this report can be accessed here: JC Final Heavy Truck Survey_public

The completed questionnaire can be submitted to by February 26, 2020.

For questions regarding the survey, please contact Transport Canada’s Daniel Fairbairn at

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