Trade/Mainstream Media Take Aim at Labour Abuse in Driver Inc

Trade Media and a major Canadian newspaper are shining a light on alleged driver abuse among carriers who employ the unscrupulous Driver Inc model to operate in the underground economy.

Today’s Trucking and the Glove & Mail both covered a group of truck drivers – most who are newcomers to Canada – who plan on fighting back against carriers who make them work for cash and unpaid benefits in order to become permanent residents.

Read Today’s Trucking here and the Globe & Mail article here.

The Ontario Trucking Association and Canadian Trucking Alliance continue to work with governments at all levels to stamp out Driver Inc – a business model based on non-compliance and avoiding tax obligations.

On the labour front specifically, CTA/OTA are working with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) on launching a significant enforcement campaign to end the illegal practice of Driver Inc. The ESDC pilot program has been launched in Ontario, where known violators of the labour misclassification scheme who operate within the underground economy will be inspected, audited and face regulatory and legal consequences of a variety of labour contraventions.

And last month, the Ford Government and Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development introduced new measures which will help the trucking industry in its fight against the underground economy scheme.

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