Thunder Bay Council Vote on Designated Truck Route Pushed off Until March


Voting by Thunder Bay Council on the proposed truck route by-law continues to be delayed. In fall 2019, the vote was pushed to December, and then January 2020 and now details contained in the most recent council agenda indicates the vote has been pushed until later in March.

OTA continues to have concerns with the proposals that will force all truck traffic transiting through Thunder Bay from existing routes on Dawson Road and Arthur Street onto Highway 11/17, citing that a proper traffic analysis has not been completed to determine safety impact and that access to parking and food services will be eliminated. OTA has suggested that in lieu of risking an impact on regional and interprovincial traffic the City consider furthering the scope of designated community safety zones and consider photo radar for heavy commercial trucks.

During the fall discussions on the designated truck route, OTA was prevented from addressing Council. OTA will remain engaged in the process, continue to offer co-operative solutions to the City and will report back to the membership on any developments.

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