THRC Releases New Resources to Help Trucking and Logistics Employers Attract, Recruit and Retain More Women

More women than ever are participating in the trucking and logistics industry, according to Trucking HR Canada’s newest labour market outlook, and more can be done with new resources and tools.

Backed by comprehensive research, THRC’s new offerings give employers tools for self-assessment and actionable best practices to attract and retain women in a wide variety of roles. The tools support employers in addressing cultural and systemic barriers that help shape women’s career choices and, ultimately, the industry’s appeal.

“While we are moving the needle in attracting more women to our sector – our representation still falls well below the national average for women’s representation in the workforce overall,” says THRC CEO Angela Splinter. “As we prepare for ongoing vacancies across all occupations – THRC took a deeper dive into understanding the motivating factors and provide the industry with tools and resources to help.”

“The research shows that the industry is already offering jobs that align with the needs and priorities of career-seeking women, including competitive pay, job security, and challenging work,” says Splinter.  “Once working, 89% of women say they would recommend trucking and logistics to other women, and nearly all the women surveyed feel their job meets or exceeds their expectations.”

Read the full release here

Access the insights report and employer resources here

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