THRC Announces New Tools to Assist Employers with Training Truck Drivers 

Trucking HR Canada is pleased to announce a brand-new suite of industry resources, based on the newly updated National Occupational Standard, just in time for Truck World 2024 (April 18-20, 2024).

The free downloads will help organizations of all sizes train and assess drivers and support driving instructors throughout their careers and are a significant addition to THRC’s already deep resource library. The 16-piece suite will be available for download from starting Thursday, April 18.

“THRC has led the work on creating a consistent approach to truck driver training and development in Canada,” says Angela Splinter, THRC CEO. “We collaborated with key industry organizations from across Canada – provincial and national trucking associations, insurance companies, safety organizations, transportation partners and other industry sectors – to drive industry best practices into the future.”

“These new resources are a key part of supporting improved driver training across the country,” says Splinter.

The tools are support for Occupational Level Training for Commercial Transport Truck Operators and are intended to guide driver development though all stages of their careers with a focus on occupational level training support. They outline the base knowledge and practical competencies required of an operator, and include resources for training and assessing instructors, coaches, and mentors involved in driver training.

The downloads include training and program development guides, templates, assessment tools, knowledge and practical content inventories, and more.

Show attendees can connect with staff who were involved in their development to find out more, and see where to find them online at THRC’s Truck World booth: Hall 2, Booth #2384.

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