TC Seeks Feedback on Potential Training Amendments to TDG Regulations

Transport Canada has developed a number of options for potential amendments to the training requirements in the TDG regulations that may be considered in the next few years.

These options are described in a series of four short discussion papers attached to this web story.  Transport Canada has noted that while these options are currently under consideration others may also be considered depending on feedback received from industry.

The four discussion papers cover the following topics:

  1. Developing a framework for a modern TDG Training Regime
  2. Competency-Based Training and Assessment
  3. Standardized Curricula and Tests
  4. Certification and Accreditations

This consultative effort is a precursor to the development of a Transport Canada white paper on the issue of training which is expected in the fall of 2016.  The white paper would then be followed by more formal regulatory policy development in mid to late 2017.  Although many concepts are being floated for discussion today,  the final proposed amendments to the regulations in the coming years may not include all of these options.

CTA members interested in providing feedback on any of the concepts are asked to email their comments to before March 22, 2016.  For copies of the discussion papers please see the attached PDF documents below:

Part 6 – Paper 1 – Developing a framework for a modern TDG Training Regime – EN_public

Part 6 – Paper 2 – Competency Based Training and Assessment – EN_public

Part 6 – Paper 3 – Standardized Tests – EN_public

Part 6 – Paper 4 – Certification and Accreditation – EN_public

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