Tax fairness, Infrastructure Spending, Truck Safety Among CTA’s top Pre-Budget Asks


The Canadian Trucking Alliance issued five key policy recommendations to the federal government concerning tax fairness in the trucking sector, supporting important infrastructure projects across the country, and committing to implementing electronic on-board recorders by the end of 2019, among other things.

CTA asked the government stop widespread tax evasion in the trucking industry by cracking down on an emerging employment model known as ‘Driver Inc’. CTA requested CRA be given the necessary funding to combat the spread of the Driver Inc model.

While there are many important infrastructure needs across Canada, CTA, in staying within the submission parameters set out by the government, limited its recommendations to a select list of projects and initiatives to help facilitate trade. Among them:  Upgrading Hwy 185 between Quebec and New Brunswick, twinning Hwy 40 in Grande Prairie and increasing safe and developing a strategy for adequate and safe truck parking on Canada’s national highway system.

CTA also provided the government a copy of its 10-point action plan for truck safety, which includes making mandatory electronic logging devices (ELDs) a priority and enforcing the rule on Canada’s roadways no later than January 1, 2020.

CTA also urged the government to expedite proposed modifications to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program to assist the industry in dealing with the acute truck driver shortage, which is reaching a crisis point.

Meanwhile, the Alliance hasn’t forgotten about the restoration of federal excise tax rebates on certain GHG-reducing technologies, which the government eliminated in Budget 2016. Once again, CTA asked for a reversal of this policy to support the trucking industry as it prepares for Phase II GHG regulations.

For the full CTA Budget Consultation paper click here: Pre-Budget Consaultation 2019_public

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