Survey: Fleets Changing Routes to Attract Drivers

CK Commercial Vehicle Research (CKCVR) conducted a survey of 50 fleets and found companies are shortening the average length of hauls, and implementing more regional hauls, in order to be more attractive to drivers.

The shorter hauls allow drivers to be home each night, a major item on the wish lists of many, and fleets are hoping the changes will mean increased driver recruitment and retention according to CKCVR.

A majority of the survey’s participants noted the challenge that will most negatively impact their business in 2018 will be the driver shortage.

Shorter hauls have also prompted a spike in day cab purchases, according to the research. The majority of fleets responding to the survey also said they were likely to by the same number of units in 2018 as they purchased in 2017.

CKCVR analysts are predicting the strong economy, combined with the labor shortage, will see an increase in contract freight rates in the new year.

The fleets surveyed by CKCVR operate more than 37,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks and 85,000 trailers, with a mix of various demographics.

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