Summer Truck Restrictions on Mercier Bridge

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) announced structural repairs and reinforcements this summer to three Montreal bridges, which includes major commercial truck restrictions on the Honoré Mercier Bridge.

A press release issued recently by the operator is somewhat vague, but OTA, through the Quebec Trucking Association, has learned the intensive work will be conducted for eight consecutive weeks from June 24 to the end of August. Starting June 24, all truck traffic on the Mercier will not be able to operate during rush hour periods. Starting in mid-July for about four weeks, trucks will be prohibited outright from using the Mercier. All traffic will be reduced to one lane per direction for the entire work period.

The bridge operator will be issuing a press release in the next couple of weeks that should outline the Mercier construction and effects on traffic in more detail.

Work projects will also be conducted on the Champlain Bridge and Jacques Cartier Bridge. At this point there doesn’t appear to be any specific orders directed at commercial truck operations. However,  there will reportedly be four weekend “blitzes” on the Champlain which will likely involve temporary traffic restrictions or closures later in the fall. Work on the Jacques Cartier Bridge will last for just over a year and will require a number of partial and complete night closures to traffic at various points.

Whenever possible, workers will coordinate multiple types of work during the same closures to optimize operations.

For more information on JCCBI’s work, follow the Twitter feed for each bridge: @pontChampBridge, @pontJCBridge and @pontHMBridge. Or go to JCCBI’s new website for live traffic conditions, traffic cameras, in-progress road closures or obstructions, and the seven-day work schedule on the Corporation’s structures.

OTA will provide updates as they become available.

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