Summary of Provincial COVID-19 Roadside Checkpoints


As the response to COVID-19 continues to evolve and awareness and educational efforts by all levels of government intensify, several roadside checkpoints are increasing across Canadian jurisdictions.

The purpose of these checkpoints, operated by government officials, is to provide awareness materials to motorists about the virus and government policy and, in some cases, more restrictive measures that limit non-essential travel into a specific province or region to prevent the further spread of the virus. Trucking operations are considered essential and there is no impact to trucking sector, regardless of the product being moved, with the establishment of these checkpoints.

Because truck drivers could encounter one of these checkpoints, it important to raise awareness in the trucking industry for both drivers and carriers on their intended purpose.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has worked with its provincial associations to provide a snapshot of the locations of the checkpoints and their purpose.

For a summary of the known locations with current details on activities taking place at each one, please click here: CTA-Covid19-CheckPoints_public

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