COVID-19 Daily Bulletins: April 7

UPDATE – April 7 – Summary of Provincial Roadside Checkpoints

CTA updated its list of known COVID checkpoint locations and activities taking place:


Because truck drivers could encounter one of these checkpoints, it important to raise awareness in the trucking industry for both drivers and carriers on their intended purpose.


UPDATE: CTA Updated its national report of Driver Rest Area/Service Facility Support During COVID-19

CTA and the provincial associations drafted a national report – CTA-RestAreasV2_public – demonstrating where shortages of food and rest areas remain; as well as locations-facilities that have maintained or established services accommodating truck drivers.

The update linked above includes new information from Alberta.


CTA: ESDC Grants Extension for Employment Equity Reporting

The federal government is providing relief for Employment Equity Reporting in the wake of COVID-19. If you believe your company will be unable to deliver your organization’s employment equity annual report covering the 2019 calendar year by June 1, 2020 due to exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, CTA has confirmed that you can complete an Application for Reporting Extension Form to request an extension for up to three (3) months beyond the June 1 deadline.

The Workplace Equity Information Management System (WEIMS) online employer interface supports employers in discharging their statutory obligations under the Employment Equity Act (EEA). If carriers need an extension, you can find more information on how to initiate the deferral process here –


BC – DP World Terminals Announced Protocols  

DP World has implemented new protocols at its terminals to help keep everyone safe and the supply chain moving.

Given shared responsibilities, DP World recommends all drivers and the trucking community at large take their own preventative steps during this time. Travelling with gloves and/or sanitary wipes will allow drivers to manage their own safety. They encourage drivers to supply their own supplies wherever possible, including bringing pens.

Please see these Health Canada COVID-19 resources for reference:

Drivers with symptoms should be observing self-quarantine and should not come to any terminals. If you think you or someone you know has COVID-19, please use the government self-assessment tool to find out what you should do.

Terminal specific measures

Please note that each terminal has its own unique driver interface, hence the different protocols.

DP World Vancouver

  • When at the In-Gate, drivers are to maintain a distance of two metres from the In-Gate checker and any other employees. The canopy checker will follow social/ physical distancing protocol when reading seals.
  • There is increased sanitization of pedestals by terminal-contracted cleaners. All touch points (like intercoms and port pass key pads) will be sanitized every 24 hours. Drivers must take their own safety steps.
  • Drivers have the option to use the hands-free intercom or handheld microphone. Both options require a single button push after the swipe of the port pass and drivers must take their own safety steps.
  • At our trouble booth, sanitizer and paper towel have been installed for use if required.
  • VFPA has installed 3 portable wash facilities along the port road for driver use.

DP World Fraser Surrey

  • At the container gate, drivers will be required to stand behind the line and practice social /physical distancing with all terminal personnel. One driver permitted per processing window in the processing room, with a maximum of 3 drivers in the room at one time. Drivers must wash hands before any paperwork exchange.
  • At the Break-bulk gate, drivers must wash hands before approaching the Customer Service and Break-bulk processing window. Social/ physical distancing must be practiced at all times.
  • VFPA has installed 2 portable wash facilities along the port road for driver use.

DP World Prince Rupert

  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles at the In-Gate and use radio communication as the primary mode of communication.
  • At the In-Gate, drivers are not to exit their vehicles. Drivers must move past the checker booth slowly so the checker can verify the container number. The driver should call in their container number over the radio and, once confirmed by the checker, they can proceed as usual.
  • Paperwork will no longer be physically handed over, drop-off and pick up locations will be called out by the checker to the driver over the radio. All drivers should have a note pad where they can write down locations. Since paperwork is not being dealt with physically at this time, copies of transactions can be found in Lynx.
  • Drivers may only check container and lock pins in the designated area, with no exceptions.

DP World Nanaimo

  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles as much as possible. Should they leave their vehicle, they must abide by the social/ physical distance policy.
  • No paperwork will be passed between terminal personnel and visitors. Papers will either be transmitted electronically, or in way that doesn’t involve touching the paper or breaking social distance best practice.

Thank you from DP World for your co-operation and diligence during this time. Together we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our supply chain moving.



Free Coffee at Onroute Centres

ONroute Service Centres announced free coffee to truck drivers tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at all 23 locations to show appreciation for their tireless efforts to maintain the provincial and national supply chain during COVID-19:

Truck drivers simply have to identify themselves as a trucker, with a membership association ID or verbally.

Please feel free to share this with members of both the Ontario Trucking Association and Canadian Trucking Alliance (if there is another contact I should reach out to for either, please let me know) so that they’re aware of the initiative and can enjoy a free beverage on behalf on ONroute this Wednesday. Additionally, the following social media posts, as well as the attached graphic, have been prepared with the hashtag #keepONtrucking for supporters to use. If desired, these can also be shared with members for those that are active on social media.

  • ONroute will offer FREE coffee to truck drivers on April 8 as a thank you for providing an essential service during COVID-19 and encourage them to #keepONtrucking
  • ONroute will offer FREE coffee to truck drivers on April 8 to show appreciation for their tireless efforts and dedication during COVID-19 #keepONtrucking
  • On April 8 truck drivers can get a FREE coffee at all ONroute plazas across Ontario as a thanks for keeping essential goods and supplies moving during COVID-19 #keepONtrucking

“ONroute is proud to support the essential services provided by so many workers during this time and to ensure they have somewhere safe and clean to stop on their journey. Thank you for your continued support as well!”

Husky Site Status List

Following its general COVID-19 operations health and safety statement from last week, Husky has made its national site status list available for carriers.

Please click here to download.

Husky Fuels and the Esso Commercial Cardlock network are launching several initiatives to further support drivers and companies during these times and will be sharing more details regarding safety, supply and other community-based programs.



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