Study Commencement Notice, Seguin Township – Detailed Design for Star Lake Road and Elsasser Road

Seguin Township has retained the services of Planmac Engineering Inc. to undertake the detailed design for two (2) separate contract packages: Star Lake Road and Elsasser Road.

The first contract package is situated on Star Lake Road from Sugar Lake Road to Turtle Road (9.4km). The scope of work will include topographic survey, geotechnical investigations, drainage, environmental protection, and detail design engineering.

Elsasser Road, that makes up the second contract package, is made up two (2) road portions: Road A and B. Road A requires upgrades to the existing driveway and trail to meet Township Standards as a roadway, along with full clearing and grubbing, road base widening, and ditching with new culverts. The second section, Road B, is a partially cleared trail and requires full clearing and grubbing. Road B will also undergo drainage improvements.

Planmac Engineering Inc. will complete the Municipal Class EA for the two (2) contracts, in accordance with the Municipal Engineers Association document, “Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA)”, October 2000, amended 2007. The Municipal Class EA will be completed as a “Schedule A+” undertaking that will involve consultation with external agencies, Indigenous Communities and the public, which is integral to the development of the detail design.

Should you wish to provide comments, or if you require further information regarding the study, please feel to contact me by phone at (905) 361-6534 or by email at

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